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Omaha's Exclusive Laser Range


Laser Shooting Range

Choose from one of our many simulations with 1/2 hour increments or purchase one of our monthly memberships.

One Shooter for 30 min.              $ 15.00

Additional Shooter                       $ 10.00

Single Monthly Membership.      $ 60.00

Family Monthly Membership      $ 85.00

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Freeze dried Camping/Survival Food

Learn something new

Chooses from our selection of freeze dried foods for your next camping trip or emergency food supply.


Custom Simulations

Coming Soon!

Dry Fire Laser Shooting Range LLC will offer Custom Simulations for anyone looking for defensive, real life shoot or no shoot type scenarios to incorporate into their training regimen... deciding when seconds count if the situation the are in calls for them to draw their firearm, or use other means to deter their attacker.  Practice use of force and put your situational awareness skills to the test to determine if it is a shoot or no shoot type of scenario and act accordingly.  Depending on the shooter's actions or instructor input, each scenario can have a different outcome.


Air Soft

Mix & Mingle

Supplying the Omaha Metro area with a selection of Airsoft Equipment for the beginner or the seasoned marksman.

About Dry Fire Laser Shooting Range

We strive to supply the Omaha metro area with training, classes, and entertainment to the Omaha Nebraska Metro area.

Dry Fire Laser Shooting Range will be the primary business in the area that offers a virtual shooting experience in a simulated environment.
Dry Fire Laser Shooting Range will give customers a great experience at the gun range whether they are a beginner or an advanced marksman and will help them with whatever they need.
Dry fire Laser Shooting Range Also supplies the Metro Area with quality Air-soft equipment for the beginning marksman to the advanced tactical enthusiast.
A new venture of keeping a good selection of freeze dried camping and survival foods.

About us
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Mon/Tue:  Closed/Private
Wed:  5pm - 8pm
Thur: 3pm - 8pm
Fri/Sat: 10am - 8pm
Sun: 1pm - 6pm

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